All You Need To Look Cool

IMG_2780If you have these three things in your closet, then you’re in luck. If not, go out and buy them now.  All these pieces are timeless and versatile on their own, so they qualify as closet essentials. And when put together, it’s the ultimate cool girl look. Let’s break it down…

Leather pants – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – leather pants are the greatest. You can dress them up or down, just as you would your skinny jeans, only I would argue that leather pants can be more comfortable. The pair I’m wearing here are a darker shade of grey with jean-like detailing, which makes them a bit more casual and therefore perfect for a dressed down look that’s still super cool. Here they are in black and a different shade of grey. Wait to buy them with a discount, of course.

Striped shirt – Some people like polka dots, some prefer florals, but as far as patterns go, stripes are my thing.  It must be the mix of the nautical and sporty vibes that speak to me, because every time I see a striped shirt, I just think damn girl.  It’s one of those things that I will never have enough of.  You can do no wrong with a striped shirt because it has this magical power to make even just basic jeans tres chic. This one is Saint James for JCrew, and I’d highly recommend it because it has a slouchy fit with dropped shoulders, and it’s super comfy thanks to it’s medium weighted soft cotton knit.  The one I’m wearing shrank a bit in the wash, so I’ll probably end up getting another in a bigger size for days when I want a more oversized look.  I also like how this particular style is cut higher at the hips, so it doesn’t look sloppy. Find it here.

Booties – How did we manage before booties became a thing? Like leather pants, they go with everything and turn whatever you’re wearing into a cool girl look.  I have many pairs in various colors, mostly Rag & Bone, but these are Madewell.  They have a low stacked heel, so they’re not a bad choice if you’re going to be walking around.  The other thing about a low heel is that it’s not as casual as a flat and it’s not trying too hard like a 3 inch and above heel.  So what does that leave us with?  Yup, looking cool.  My Madewell booties are from a couple years ago, but they still carry the same style here (looks a bit improved) as well as a couple others from Madewell that I’m loving here and here.

Bonus Round – Add a jean jacket, which is very au courant.  Mine is from high school and I’m glad I swiped it back from my Dad’s basement last year.  See, sometimes it pays to hang on to things.  Of course I wouldn’t mind a new one, and I’m liking this one a lot for its distressed boyfriend fit (funny, that’s exactly how I would describe my boyfriend if I did in fact purchase that expensive jacket). Or this JCrew one does the trick.

Beauty Tips – Lastly, for the finishing touches you can add a bold lip, but leave the rest of your face bare.  And try the hair tuck trend, which is kinda silly, but hey, it’s a thing. It’s also something us long-haired girls do anyway from time to time when we need to protect our locks from getting tangled in purse straps or from crazy strong wind gusts. And it’s fun to have a pretend bob cut for a very brief time.

Now go and be cool!



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