Oh yeah, it’s party time! Actually, who am I kidding? Most of my Christmas celebrations are spent in sweats lounging around the tree in the respective parental family rooms. Pretty low key. But that doesn’t stop me from getting dressed up and bringing on the bling at other random points in time during the holiday season! Continue reading

Wintery Mix


One of best things about getting dressed for cold weather is that every type of fabric comes out to play this time of year, so every morning is a chance to Sir-Mix-a-Lot up your wardrobe.

Today’s look is holiday-inspired from the mix of wintery textures and patterns, and would be great for a low key Christmas party with friends or for work. We’ve got the seasonal fair isle sweater, classic cords, and suede, flannel, and patent booties (now that’s a mutt of a shoe in the most endearing way possible!). The collared shirt literally buttons up the look and is the key to making it party-friendly.  Continue reading

Rain Booties

DSC_0416Rain booties are the greatest invention since…knee high rain boots. I don’t know about you, but there have been countless occasions where I’d be debating what shoes to wear since it wasn’t raining at the moment, but it was still wet outside with puddles. My rain boots seemed like too much protection, plus they commanded the entire outfit. But regular shoes would probably get damaged or ruined. If only there was something in between… Continue reading

The Blanket Scarf


Can I tell you how much I love this blanket scarf? I have to say that at first, I thought it sounded ridiculous to wear something resembling a blanket around my neck. But after actually wearing it, I’m totally hooked on the concept and find that regular scarves now look more like pieces of string. Continue reading